Refuse and Garbage Collection

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    • All trash, recycling, brush and bulky collections are performed once per week on the same day. View the collection map.
    • The city is divided into four service areas, and collection will take place on either Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday depending on where the resident lives.
    • If collection day falls on a city holiday, collection will shift to the next day for each service day within the holiday week (Monday to Tuesday, Tuesday to Wednesday, Wednesday to Thursday and Thursday to Friday).
    • Waste must be placed at curb by 7 a.m. on collection day and after 6 p.m. the night before collection.
    • Residents can only place solid waste for collection at the address listed on their utility account.
    • Trash, recycling, brush and bulky piles must be separated by 2 to 3 feet of unobstructed space.
    • Bagged leaves will be picked up at the curb on a customer's regular collection day.
    • During regular landfill hours, residents can bring the following items for disposal for no additional fee:
      • Household trash (under 150 pounds)
      • Loose leaves (not contaminated)
      • Loose grass clipping (not contaminated)
      • Clean brush (not contaminated)
      • Recyclable materials (not contaminated)
      • Dirt, brick, gravel, etc. (not contaminated)
    • Landfill fees will apply for construction and demolition debris. Residents may rent a roll-off container (roll-off fees apply) to dispose of these materials.

Collection Tips

Listed below are some collection tips you need to know:

  • Each address is limited to 15 bags per week (including trash and/or grass).
  • All trash waste shall be placed inside trash bags that must be tied/closed.
  • Individual bags cannot weigh more than 50 pounds.
  • Refuse and recycling should be placed at curbside, not in the street.
  • Refuse bags must be 13- to 30-gallon capacity.
  • Refuse bags can be any color except blue or red.
  • Boxes can be placed inside trash bags or broken down/flattened with a trash bag placed on top.
  • Boxes placed at the curb cannot weigh more than 50 pounds (do not need to be broken down).

Call (972) 721-8059 for more information on refuse, recycling and brush and bulky pickup.

Specially Handled Items

Items requiring special handling:

  • Hypodermic needles: Residents are required to place all hypodermic needles in a container that cannot be punctured, such as an empty coffee can, plastic milk jug or soda bottle with lid placed securely on the container and taped closed. Call Solid Waste Services at (972) 721-8059 to arrange for collection.
  • Other items: Paint, oil, oil filters, automotive batteries and vegetable oil are collected on your assigned collection day. See the Special Waste page for more information.