Special Waste Collection

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The City of Irving provides special waste collection for the items requiring special handling for proper disposal.

Special waste collection occurs on the same day as refuse collection. For items not listed, learn about the Hazardous Household Waste collection days and other methods of disposing of potentially hazardous materials.

used paint cans

Special Waste - Acceptable Items

  • Household paint – No larger than 5-gallon sealed containers.
  • Used motor oil and oil filters – Oil must be in 1-gallon sealed containers; filters must be placed in clear, sealed-plastic bags with no more than five filters at one time.
  • Antifreeze, transmission fluid – Must be in 1-gallon sealed containers.
  • Vegetable oil – Vegetable-based cooking oils such as sunflower, cottonseed, peanut and canola oil (yellow grease) placed in 1-gallon sealed containers.
  • Lead acid automotive batteries – Passenger car or light truck batteries only.

Contact Solid Waste Services at (972) 721-8059 for more information.

Specially Handled Items

Items requiring special handling:

  • Hypodermic needles: Residents are required to place all hypodermic needles in a container that cannot be punctured, such as an empty coffee can, plastic milk jug or soda bottle with lid placed securely on the container and taped closed. Call Solid Waste Services at (972) 721-8059 to arrange for collection.