Publications and Reports

Action plan

2018-2019 Annual Action Plan (PDF)

2020-2021 Annual Action Plan (PDF)

2021-2022 Annual Action Plan DRAFT (PDF)

2022-2023 Annual Action Plan 2nd Draft

2022-2023 Action Plan Request for Comments (PDF)


2016-17 CAPER (PDF)

2017-18 CAPER (PDF)

2018-19 CAPER (PDF)

2019-20 CAPER Draft (PDF)

Consolidated Plan

2015-19 Final Analysis of Impediments (PDF)

2015-19 Final Consolidated (PDF)

2019-23 Final Consolidated (PDF)

The City of Irving Housing Plan

The City of Irving Housing Plan discusses the nature of the housing market in Irving and proposes several strategies which may be useful in addressing local housing needs. These strategy recommendations may form the basis for new planning and assistance programs to ensure that the City of Irving continues to meet the housing needs of current and future residents and employers.