Max G. Greiner Environmental Center

The Max G. Greiner Environmental Center, located on the southeast corner of Conflans Road and Gilbert Road, was officially opened to the public in 1995. Its primary function is to serve as a location in which students can learn about backyard composting.

Center Uses

The center is used for classroom instruction on bin building techniques, troubleshooting and compost applications primarily during Irving’s Master Composter Training Course.

Environmental Topics

The Environmental Center also serves as the location for instruction on other environmental topics such as water conservation, tree care, natural habitats, native landscaping, organic gardening and recycling.

Visitors will find a variety of native and indigenous plants, benches and picnic tables made from post-consumer recycled plastic milk jugs, a variety of compost bins, an herb garden and raised garden beds for vegetable gardening.

The public is welcome to tour the center independent of city staff. However, to schedule a tour or specific lecture at the Max G. Greiner Environmental Center, please call (972) 721-2355.