Bicycling in Irving

Bike Riding

Reducing Irving's Carbon Footprint

The City of Irving is committed to coordinating increased use of safe bicycling and to encourage continued ways to reduce carbon emissions through the following:

  •  Afford residents the opportunity to experience the city's unique scenic and natural amenities.
  •  Facilitate bicycling as a viable transportation choice.
  •  Link major parks and open spaces with Irving's neighborhoods.
  •  Provide access to healthful recreational activities.

Recreational Bicycling

Bicycling around Irving can be both educational and recreational. Irving’s Campion Trail system is a perfect way to explore nature and exercise, with five miles currently developed in the north section and two miles in the southern section with concrete trails. Bicyclers using Campion are asked to practice trail etiquette.

Bicycle Trail Etiquette

  •  Give audible warning when passing pedestrians or other bicyclists.
  •  Ride at a safe speed.
  • Slow down in congested conditions, reduced visibility and other hazardous conditions.
  • Yield to pedestrians.

Check out the newest attraction for walkers and cyclists. The southern section of the Campion Trail now connects with Grand Prairie's Lone Star Trail.