Green Advisory Board

Green Advisory Board Members

  • Jehanzaib Alvi
  • Sharon Barbosa-Crain
  • Scott M. Boyette
  • Suzette Bryan
  • Simone Grimmer
  • Ashley Halfast
  • Janet Stovall
  • Vinay Thite
  • One Vacant Position 


The purpose of the board is to advise the city council, to act as a contact and a voice of the residents of the City of Irving to the City Council, and to review and discuss matters referred to the board by the city council, city staff, and board members on actions that concern the environment in the City of Irving.

The board will provide recommendations to the City Council concerning matters of sustainability and ecological significance to ensure that the City of Irving promotes environmental stewardship now and in the future. This purpose was approved September 2012 by Ordinance 2012-9370.

Mission Statement

The Irving Green Advisory Board, through research, examination, and evaluation, will develop and recommend policies and practices to the Irving City Council that will allow the city and its residents to successfully create environmentally sustainable lifestyles.

Vision Statement

The Irving Green Advisory Board envisions an Irving that is a model for the success of cooperative efforts and sustainable results among residents, businesses, and government to create an environment in which environmental concerns are continually being addressed through education, research, planning, and partnerships.