Fire Eligibility

Eligibility Requirements

Following are the requirements for appointment in Fire Civil Service positions as set out in Civil Service regulations.

I. Physical

  1. Must be 21 to 35 years.
  2. Must be a U.S. citizen.
  3. Physical Condition
    1. Must be able to pass physical fitness or agility test.
    2. Must be able to pass a drug screening test.
    3. Must be able to pass physical examination as determined by appointed Civil Service physician.
      1. Mental and Physical Conditions. No mental, nervous, organic or functional disease likely to interfere with safe performance of duties. No loss of body parts or other structural defect or limitation likely to interfere with safe performance of duties.
      2. Eyesight. Telebinocular visual acuity correctable to 20/20 (Snellen), field of vision in the horizontal meridian of not less than 140 degrees; ability to distinguish the colors red, green, and yellow.
      3. Hearing. Hearing shall not be less than 10/20 in the better ear for conversational tones without a hearing aid.
      4. Liquor, Narcotics and Drugs. Shall not be addicted to the use of narcotics or habit forming drugs or the excessive use of alcoholic beverages or liquor.

II. General Credential Requirements of Applicant

  1. Must complete and file a legible application, when requested.
  2. Must have a high school diploma or GED.Documentation must be submitted with the application.
  3. If a discharged veteran, must provide DD-214 or other proof of discharge under honorable conditions with the application.
  4. Must intelligently read and write the English language.
  5. Must be of good character.
  6. Must not have been convicted of, received deferred adjudication for, or probation, for a misdemeanor involving moral turpitude or for a felony, bribery, official oppression, or arson. Must not have been convicted within the previous five years of, or found guilty by deferred adjudication, or received probation for driving, while intoxicated, possession of controlled substance, fleeing from police or resisting arrest. Must not have formal charges pending for any of the above.
  7. Must not have made any false statement in any material fact or practiced, or attempted to practice, any deception or fraud in application, examination or appointment.
  8. Must not have been dismissed from public service for inefficiency, delinquency, or misconduct.
  9. Must appear for all requested examinations and interviews.

III. Applicant Examinations and Investigations

  1. Applicants must take and pass a written examination involving skills, aptitudes and knowledge important for job performance.
  2. Accepted applicants will be required to take and pass polygraph and psychological examinations.
  3. Investigations that will be conducted and must be acceptable:
    1. Criminal records.
    2. Driving record (No more than four moving traffic violations, preventable accidents, or any combination).
    3. Credit history.
    4. Past employment history.
    5. General background with respect to references and others who can verify applicant conduct consistent with position requirements.

Applicants may be rejected for employment at any point in the screening process. Visit the Irving Fire Department for additional information.