Green Videos

Reuse: Pallet Chic Workshop
Irving residents gathered at the Senter East Building to learn about new uses for wooden pallets. Crafters are turning them into furniture, decorative pieces, and more. Watch to see the owner of Lake Highlands Pallet Creations share tips for getting started. Learn about upcoming environmental classes.

Shopping Green
Don't Trash Our Planet
Greening Businesses

Urban Farming

Learn how to live sustainably in an urban setting. Urban farming topics that will be introduced and discussed include organic vegetable gardening, canning and jamming, urban poultry farming, beekeeping, as well as green living techniques such as energy and water conservation and creating alternatives to household chemicals.

Urban Farming Video Part 1

Urban Farming Video Part 2

Think GreenBe Green: Beekeeping

Learn about the hobby of beekeeping in an urban environment and how to maintain a hive and harvest your own honey safely in town.

Beekeeping Video

Don't Trash Our Planet

Keep Irving Beautiful reminds you there is only one planet - don't trash it.

Don't Trash Our Planet Video

Think Green...Be Green: Greening Businesses

Local business people discuss the challenges and rewards of greening large and small businesses.

Greening Businesses Video

Think Green...Be Green: Recycling

Learn about recycling on a personal level. Personal choices at the store and at home can make a big difference in the amount of waste sent to the landfill.

Recycling Video

Christmas Tree Recycling

See what the City of Irving is doing to keep Christmas trees out of the landfill.

Christmas Tree Recycling Video

Holiday Cooking: Turkey Frying

How to properly dispose of fried turkey oil.

Turkey Frying Video

NFL Super Grow XLV

The economic impact will be noticed closer to game day, but we are already seeing a positive environmental impact. NFL Super Grow XLV Video

Environmental Sustainability

See what the City of Irving is doing to promote environmental sustainability.

Environmental Sustainability

Think Green...Be Green, Part 4

This edition provides instruction and examples of make-at-home cleaning agents that are safe and effective.

Make-At-Home Cleaning Agents Video

Think GreenBe Green, Part 2

On this edition of Think GreenBe Green, examine green buildings with a visit to a home that is LEED certified at the platinum level, and spend some time at a mixed-use development that is much greener than one might think.

Green Buildings Video

Think GreenBe Green, Part 1

This time on Think GreenBe Green we will talk to designers and builders as we take an in depth look at green building construction.

Green Building Construction Video

About Towne: Backyard Oasis

Backyard Oasis brings together our favorite landscaping features from the award winning About Towne. Tune in for tips, advice and first person accounts of North Texas gardening at its finest.

Backyard Oasis Video

Green Shopping

Learn how you can buy products that are better for the environment.

Green Shopping Video

Recycle Your Phone Book

A look at why you should recycle your phone books.

Phone Book Video, Part 1

Phone Book Video, Part 2

Phone Book Video, Part 3

Phone Book Video, Part 4

Ozone Tips

Tips on how to help lower ozone levels.

Yard Work Video

Bicycling Video

Putting Gas in Your Car Video

Mass Transit Video

Greening Your Travel

In this second edition of Think GreenBe Green, we explore some great local vacation opportunities in the Metroplex, learn about cleaner ways to get around and look at ways to prepare your car and your home for a greener vacation.

Greening Your Travel Video

Texas: The State of Flowing Water

Flowing Water Video

Keep Irving Beautiful: Interns

This summer, Keep Irving Beautiful is getting some help from interns who are spreading the message of going green and protecting the environment to children in the community.

Interns Video

Liquid Assets: Story of Our Water Infrastructure

Liquid Assets Video

Going Green Update

A look at what the city is doing to go green.

Going Green Update Video

Going Green Video

Think Green... Be Green Special

This episode features lessons on green yard maintenance, adding a rain / freeze sensor to your sprinkler system, and composting advice from local experts.

Green Yard Special Video

Green Houses

Buying an environmentally friendly house or upgrade to your existing home.

Green Houses Video

Native Plants Garden

Native Plants Video

Campion Trail

City of Irving park trail system.

Campion Trail Video