Liquid Waste Generators: Food - Manufacturing - Auto Washing

According to the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ), liquid waste from municipal sources includes grit trap waste, grease trap waste, septic tank pumpings, domestic septage, chemical toilet waste and municipal wastewater treatment plant sludge, as well as other types of domestic sewage treatment plant sludge and water-supply treatment plant sludge. These sources can come from a number of industries, including food operations, manufacturing and auto washing facilities.

If your organization falls into this category, it is your responsibility to be aware of proper methods for transporting, processing (including transfer), and disposal of liquid wastes. Learn more at the TCEQ website.

Read the City of Irving ordinance regarding liquid waste generators’ responsibilities (Chapter 41, Section 41-50).

For a list of current permitted transporters, please visit the Permitted Transporters Page.

Important Documents and Forms