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Read the 2017 Imagine Irving Comprehensive Plan (PDF)

Imagine Irving - 2017 Comprehensive Plan - Irving TXThe City of Irving adopted its 2017 Comprehensive Plan, called "Imagine Irving," on July 20, 2017. This plan is currently being reviewed for a 2022 update, and proposed changes can found in the updates section below.

A Comprehensive Plan describes a community's vision for its future and charts the course that the community will follow to achieve that vision.

The City of Irving's "Imagine Irving" plan will guide the community forward as it transitions from focusing on new development to encouraging redevelopment and enhancing existing neighborhoods and commercial areas, while ensuring an economically sustainable future where the infrastructure, housing and service needs of future residents and property owners can be met without reliance upon outside funding sources.

The plan will guide Irving as it prepares to accommodate its share of future population and employment growth in the North Texas region, and it will help maintain the city's position as the model for safe and beautiful neighborhoods, a vibrant economy, and exceptional recreational, cultural and educational opportunities.

Reports and Updates

Proposed draft of the 2022 Imagine Irving Comprehensive Plan with changes marked.  

2017 Imagine Irving Comprehensive Plan with areas where edits are proposed marked.  

List of proposed changes between the draft 2022 Imagine Irving Comprehensive Plan and the 2017 Imagine Irving Comprehensive Plan.  

Proposed changes to the Future Land Use Plan under consideration as part of the 2022 Imagine Irving Comprehensive Plan update.

Imagine Irving Comprehensive Plan Implementation Report-July 2021 presented at the July 1, 2021 City Council Work Session as part of Item 7.

Master Thoroughfare Plan 2021- The updated plan for the City of Irving road network.