Below you can find information about the trucks used on part of Water Utility operations. Click on the images in the slideshow for a full-size view of the vehicle, or view the photo gallery for more photos of the trucks at work!

Wash Truck

The main purpose of a wash truck is to keep the main sewer line clean. Solids are put into the sewer system from residential, industry, and construction.

The wash truck can clear and keep solids moving, so a sanitary sewer overflow does not occur. By the use of pressurized water flowing through a hose and nozzles of special and different designs the sewer lines can be clean and well maintained.

TV Truck

The main purpose of this truck is to televise and inspect sanitary sewer mains and services. It gives us visual data for determination of future needs to the wastewater collection system.

Rod Truck

This truck is basically a large roto-rooter. This machine is designed to use cutting bits and rods that rotate in the main sewer line. The bits will cut out roots, grease deposits, calcium buildup, along with other harden material that is found in the sewer mains.

Vactor Truck

This truck is actually a combination of a wash truck and a vacuum unit. This truck does the same thing as a wash truck, but with the vacuum it will extract large debris from the sewer main, so it can be transported to a dumping site at the treatment plant. The Vactor truck also assists in excavations and clean ups as needed.

Additional Information

The Wash Trucks, Vactor Trucks, and Rod Trucks work hard to help prevent sewer overflow and keep the sewer flowing to the Treatment Plant.