Water Conservation

Water Conservation is a city program that is intended to encourage Irving residents to use water wisely and efficiently so that supplies remain available over the long term and to ensure that this important, life-sustaining resource is not wasted.

Texas Water Code

The Texas Water Code defines water conservation as those practices, techniques, and technologies that will reduce the consumption of water, reduce loss or waste of water, improve the efficiency of the use of water, or increase the recycling and reuse of water so that a water supply is made available for future or alternative uses.

Students Learning About Water Conservation

Water Reuse

Water reuse, or reclaimed water as it is often referred to, utilizes treated wastewater for non-potable uses such as the irrigation of public places which may include roadway medians, parks, golf courses, athletic fields, and other green spaces.

Additional Information

So, in the interest conservation, city officials will promote programs, technologies, events, and a variety of public information that will prevent water loss and encourage an informed and reasonable use of water by the public. To learn more, please visit the main Water Conservation page.