Patrol Division

The North Patrol Division consists of the following sections:

  • North Patrol
  • K9
  • Tactical Unit
  • Gangs & Fugitive Unit
  • Unmanned Aerial Surveillance (UAS) Team

The South Patrol Division consists of the following sections:

  • South Patrol
  • Fleet Maintenance

Patrol Divisions

The mission of the Irving Police Department is to provide a safe community where citizens can live, work, and raise their families without the fear of crime. This can only be achieved through citizen participation and involvement. Crime as well as community issues that precipitate crime can best be addressed through a cooperative effort involving all those affected. This is best accomplished through an open line of communication. Citizens are able to determine which Beat that they live or work in, view online crime stats, request a Vacation Watch, or email your beat officer with questions, comments, or concerns. We invite you to visit this site often and we appreciate your involvement.

The Patrol Division is comprised of the North Patrol Division and the South Patrol Division. State Highway 183 serves as the dividing border.

K9 Unit

Irving Police Department K9 unit is currently staffed by two officers and their canine partners. K9’s primary focus is as a location device of both illegal narcotics/contraband and apprehension of fleeing/concealed violent criminals. K9’s are deployed on various burglar alarms, area searches, and high risk traffic stops to increase officer and public safety. K9 officers are assigned to patrol shifts, but aid the Irving SWAT and narcotics units, as well as numerous outside federal agencies



The Tactical Team consists of 1 commander (lieutenant), 3 team leaders (sergeants), and 28 operators (officers and sergeants) that work primary assignments throughout the department, but volunteer to fill this ancillary assignment as well. The unit supports the department's operational goals by providing technically proficient, emotionally stable and physically fit officers for addressing a variety of critical incidents and hazardous operations. The unit's primary function is addressing special threat situations including serving high-risk search and arrest warrants, dignitary protection, barricaded suspects, hostage rescue, counter-terrorism, and engaging heavily-armed suspects. The duties include scouting, planning, training, and executing operational plans that involve perimeter work, breaching, entry, and deployment of chemical agents. Seven members of the team have an additional designation as snipers, whose duties include developing and communicating intelligence information to the tactical command staff and operators. They work in pairs acting as a rifleman and an observer to provide protection and guidance for the entry team. 


Seven Irving Fire Department Paramedics are assigned and trained to work with the SWAT Team. The medics are to provide medical support during tactical operations.


Bomb Squad consists of a Commander and 5 Bomb Technicians. These officers are required to complete the FBI Hazardous Device School. The purpose of the team is to render safe and/or remove suspected IEDs, explosives, explosive chemicals, pyrotechnics and ammunition. The team is trained and assists the Tactical Unit with their explosive breaching capabilities.


The Crisis Negotiators team is made up of 1 sergeant and 6 officers. The purpose of the team is to resolve all conflicts through negotiations with the utmost regard for human life in an attempt to bring all incidents to a peaceful resolution.

Unmanned Aerial SURVEILLANCE (UAS) Team

The Unmanned Aerial Surveillance (UAS) team is made up of 1 lieutenant, 1 sergeant and 24 pilots. Each pilot has a FAA Part 107 Pilot License.  Every patrol shift has 4 pilots assigned to it for a quick response time to critical incidents. There are also 8 pilots distributed throughout other divisions of the department including crime scene. The unit’s primary function is to assist patrol locate missing people as well as assist uniformed officers with the apprehension of dangerous felons.