Technical Services Division

The Technical Services Division consists of the following sections:

  • Communications Section
  • Municipal Jail
  • Property and Evidence Section
  • Records Section


The Communications Section handles emergency 911 calls and non-emergency calls for assistance. Communication personnel take reports by phone, confirm warrants and protective orders, confirm and enter missing persons or runaways, confirm and enter stolen vehicles or other stolen property, and a multitude of tasks supporting the many sections / divisions / units operating within the department.

Municipal Jail

The Irving City Jail is a facility for the temporary confinement of pretrial individuals involved in the judicial process, as well as those individuals serving time assessed on misdemeanor Irving Municipal Court cases. The jail has a maximum capacity of 172 adult prisoners as well as a holding area for juveniles that are being detained.

Property and Evidence Section

The property and evidence section stores, safeguards and properly disposes of all property that comes into the custody of the Irving Police Department. Most of the items brought to the property room are evidence of a crime and held for court purposes. The department strives to maintain property in the same condition as it was received. All reasonable efforts are made to return property to its rightful owner unless it must be held for court purposes or is deemed to be contraband. Otherwise, property is disposed of in accordance with legal requirements.

Records Section

The Irving Police Records Section is responsible for receiving, maintaining and archiving police records in compliance with city policies and State regulations. Additionally, they prepare officers’ criminal cases for presentation to the Dallas County District Attorney’s Office. The staff is committed to serving the public’s need for information in compliance with the rules and regulations of the Attorney General of the State of Texas pertaining to public records, open records and exclusionary records.