The City of Irving recognizes the needs of disabled persons to use the City of Irving website and designs web pages to be usable. The City of Irving strives to create and maintain web pages and services that meet the guidelines set forth by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) as well as the Rehabilitation Act of 1998, Section 508. Specifically web pages are tested and edited so as to comply with the Priority 1 Level Checkpoints of the W3C whenever possible. Users who wish to view these specifications can do so at Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0.

To insure compliance the City of Irving tests web pages routinely with the Center for Applied Special Technology (CAST) tool called Bobby. Bobby identifies accessibility problems on web pages and suggested means of altering those pages to be more accessible.

The city also recognizes that, in part, accessibility is a measure of how easy it is to load, navigate, read and understand the content of a website. To that end the website design utilizes the principles of Usable Design. Principles include the following:

  • The site is useful and marketable to people with diverse abilities.
  • The site accommodates a wide range of individual preferences and abilities
  • Use of the site is easy to understand, regardless of the user's experience, knowledge, language skills, or current concentration level.
  • The site communicates necessary information effectively to the user, regardless of ambient conditions or the user's sensory abilities.
  • The site minimizes hazards and the adverse consequences of accidental or unintended actions.
  • The site can be used efficiently and comfortably and with a minimum of fatigue.
  • The use of accessibility standards will ensure that the websites serve the largest audience possible. Compliance with these standards also provides an added benefit to those users with text-based browsers, low-end processors, slow modem connections and/or no multimedia capabilities on their computer. It also allows for access to the city of Irving website(s) by new technologies, such as WebTV, Internet capable phones, and personal organizers and other portable devices with Internet connectivity.

While we are committed to making our website accessible to any and all users, we recognize that not all pages may be compliant at this time due to detection software inadequacies, the large size of the site, and/or the limited availability or high cost of alternative forms of service. The City of Irving, nonetheless, will continue to test this website and remains committed to maintaining and improving its compliance in order to serve the widest possible audience.

If you are unable to access part of this site, please email the City of Irving Webmaster.