ID Cards

ID Card Pricing

Purchasing Options

Cards may be purchased at any Irving recreation center.

Guest Pass

Any nonresident that resides within the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area wishing to participate for just one or more days may purchase a guest card for $5 per day. They may participate at all seven centers for that day or week by showing the card.

Corporate Card

An individual is eligible for a corporate card if he / she is a nonresident, but works for a company within the Irving city limits. This may be verified by providing a company ID card or a paycheck stub along with picture identification (ID).


Should the photo ID card be lost, stolen, or damaged, a replacement card will need to be purchased at a cost of $5. The expiration date for the replacement card will remain the same as the original card.


The ID cards are good for one year from the date of purchase. Participants will need to renew the card every year. If the information on the ID card registration form has not changed, it will not be necessary to fill out a new form. The expired card will be destroyed. Participants need to provide identification showing proof of Irving residency to receive renewals.

COurtesy Card

An Irving resident may obtain a temporary pass at no charge for guests who can provide proof that they live in the Metroplex. The courtesy card is valid for up to two weeks at which time it can be renewed.

In the case where a child is visiting a parent who has temporary custody of the child, that child may be granted the same rights as a dependent child living in the household.

Card Use Policies

These policies may be found on the back of the ID cards:

  • This card must be presented upon request for designated facility and program access.
  • The City of Irving, Parks and Recreation Department reserves the right to check personal identification at any time.
  • This card is valid through the expiration date shown.
  • The card is nontransferable and is for the personal use of the individual who is identified on the face of this card.
  • A $5 replacement fee will be assessed if the card is lost, stolen or destroyed.
  • The use of this ID card is governed by the policies and procedures of the City of Irving Parks and Recreation Department. Any infraction of city policy may result in the recall of this card.
  • No refunds may be made.
  • The City of Irving Parks and Recreation Center reserves the right to destroy any duplicate ID card. In conclusion, a plan which provides control by allowing staff the ability to know who the people are in the facilities can only benefit in the security of the building and the welfare of its users. Providing accountability and controls on non-resident users will increase accessibility and create a better environment for Irving residents who, through their tax dollars and efforts, the facilities were constructed and are maintained.