Recreation Center Class Schedules

Fall 2021 Session: Classes and Programs

Register in-person at any Irving recreation center or online at

  • Registration begins 9 a.m. Aug. 31
  • Session starts Sept. 7
  • Session ends Oct. 30

Download the Fall 2021 Classes and Programs Schedule

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  1. Ages 3-5
  2. Ages 6-12
  3. Ages 13-17
  4. Ages 18+
  5. Ages 50+
Day(s)TimeClassInstructorSession Fee, Contact #Course #
Cimarron Park Recreation Center, 201 Red River Trail
Mon – Fri.9 a.m.-noonRARE LearningSaba(972) 567-1771
Mon9-10 a.m.Soccer SkillsStaff-0-24560
Mon, Wed, Fri4-7 p.m.Basketball Skill TrainingMoussa(214) 628-2419
Tue10 a.m.- noonPreschool Soccer LeagueStaff$1024470
Tue, Thu6-7 p.m.Fit ReadersDavidfitreaders@gmail.com24495
Wed5-5:45 p.m.Tap & BalletJo-Ann$50 mo.24481
Thu10 a.m.-noonPreschool T-Ball LeagueStaff$1024471
Georgia Farrow Recreation Center, 530 Davis Drive
Mon9:30-10:30 a.m.Preschool SoccerTravis-0-24439
Tue10 a.m.-noonPreschool Soccer LeagueStaff$1024562
Wed1:30-2:30 p.m.Preschool T-BallTravis-0-24440
Thu10 a.m.-noonPreschool T-Ball LeagueStaff$1024562
Fri9:30-10:30 a.m.Preschool Hands-on MathematicsStaff-0-24441
Sat9:30-10:30 a.m.Arts and Crafts ActivitiesStaff-0-24445
Lee Park Recreation Center, 3000 Pamela Drive
Tue10 a.m.-noonPreschool Soccer LeagueStaff$1024413
Wed, Fri10 a.m.-noonPreschool Nature CampStaff-0-24418
Thu10 a.m.-noonPreschool T-Ball LeagueStaff$1024429
Mustang Park Recreation Center, 2223 Kinwest Parkway
Mon - Fri9:05 a.m.-noonRARE LearningSaba(972) 567-1771
Mon - Fri
12:05-1 p.m.RARE FunFitSaba(972) 567-1771

Mon4:30-7 p.m.Keyboarding/Piano/GuitarAmir(817) 689-4303
Mon, Wed5:30-7 p.m.Mustang Preschool Soccer LeagueStaffTBD
Tue10 a.m.-noonPreschool Soccer LeagueStaff$1024528
Thur10 a.m.-noonPreschool T-Ball LeagueStaff$1024404
Sat1-5 p.m.Keyboarding/Piano/GuitarAmir(817) 689-4303

Northwest Park Recreation Center, 2800 Cheyenne St.
Tue, Thu10-11 a.m.Preschool Soccer LeagueStaff$1024431
Tue, Thu11 a.m.-noonPreschool T-Ball LeagueStaff$1024432
Senter Park Recreation Center, 901 S. Senter Road
Mon, Wed9:30 a.m.-noonPreschool CampStaff-0-24454
Tue9 a.m.-noonPreschool Soccer LeagueStaff$1024564
Tue6-9 p.m.ActiveStar KarateStaff(480) 603-3780

Thu9 a.m.-noonPreschool T-Ball LeagueStaff$1024569
Thu6-9 p.m.ActiveStar CheerStaff(480) 603-3780