Fiscal Transparency

The City of Irving is committed to meeting the high standard of fiscal transparency by providing citizens with documents that show how the tax dollars and other revenues are budgeted and spent in a user friendly way.

Financial Information

The following summary data is from the government-wide Statement of Activities in the City of Irving’s Annual Comprehensive Financial Report. The government-wide Statement of Activities reports the results of the of the city’s operations on an accrual basis of accounting. Revenues are recognized when earned, and expenses are recognized at the time the liability is incurred. 

The per capita figures are based on the city’s 2022 estimated population of 261,350.

Traditional Finances Star
statement of activities
rev per capita
exp per capita
prop tax rate


The annual budget serves as a tool to help decision makers make informed choices about the provision of services and capital assets and to promote stakeholder participation in the process. This information is used to monitor the expenditure of public funds and to ensure that the financial transactions of the City are conducted in accordance with statutory and contractual requirements and City policy.

Financial Services oversees the preparation of the annual budget and monitors compliance during the year. The following budget documents are the original budgets adopted by Council. They have not been updated since that adoption and do not include any subsequent budget amendments adopted by Council.

2022-23 Budget raw data

2021-22 Budget raw data

2020-21 Budget raw data

2019-20 Budget raw data

2018-19 Budget raw data

2017-18 Budget raw data

2016-17 Budget raw data

2015-16 Budget raw data

Check Register

A check register is a listing of all payments incurred during a month by the City. The check register includes payment date, payment amount, payee, type of expenditure, and business unit.

In an effort to be transparent and promote accountability to our citizens about what the city is spending, the City of Irving posts the current year’s monthly check registers and summary check registers for the past five fiscal years which shows payments for goods and services provided to the City.

The registers includes check/reference number, payment date, payment amount and account description, excludes any information that might reveal protected privacy information.

Annual COMPREHENSIVE Financial Report (ACFR) 

This report provides a quantitative look at the operating success, financial health, and compliance of the government report units. It includes a balance sheet, a statement of changes in financial position, a statement of revenues and expense, and a comparison of budgeted to actual expenses and revenues.

The City of Irving maintains an accounting system adequate to provide all the data needed to allow for the timely preparation of financial statements for inclusion in the Annual Comprehensive Financial Report (ACFR) in conformity with GAAP and used by both internal and external customers. The financial statements are prepared by the Accounting staff and independently audited on an annual basis by a CPA firm. The financial information is used to monitor the expenditure of public funds and to ensure that the financial transactions of the City are conducted in accordance with statutory and contractual requirements and City policy.

The financial data in the following ACFR documents have not been updated subsequent to the auditors' opinion date.


This report contains summarized and simplified information from the City’s annual comprehensive financial report.  It is designed to provide easily understandable information to the general public and other interested parties without a background in public finance.

Debt Information

This page provides information related to City of Irving's debt obligations.

Pension Information

This page provides information related to the City of Irving's retirement plans below:

Texas Municipal Retirement System
Supplemental Benefit Plan
Irving Firemen's Relief and Retirement Fund

Texas Transparency Organization

Link to the Texas Comptroller’s website about transparency in government, including local debt.

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