The Budget Office is a division of the Financial Services Department responsible for developing and publishing the city's annual operating and capital budgets. The Budget Office also analyzes revenue and expenditures trends throughout the year and assists with special projects assigned by city management.

The city operates an annual budget with the fiscal year beginning on Oct. 1 and ending on Sept. 30. The City Manager is responsible for proposing an annual operating budget to City Council at least 30 days prior to the adoption of the tax rate. The budget, tax rate and certified tax roll are adopted each year by City Council. Residents and business owners are encouraged to provide comments and feedback related to the budget, tax rate and charges for services throughout the annual budget process.

  1. Irving City Council Approves Tax Rate, Balanced Budget for Fiscal Year 2020-21

    The FY 21 General Fund budget was reduced by $1.15 M to offset COVID-19 impacts; however, the budget includes continued funding for critical infrastructure improvements, public safety enhancements, community service programs and quality of life services. Read on...
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