Beneficial Insects

This talk helps to identify insects that are helpful to the gardener and how to effectively decrease the dependence on pesticides.
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Bites, Rashes, Stings - Oh My! Outdoor Hazards

Don't let the creepy crawlies keep you from enjoying the out-of-doors!
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Compost is absolutely one of the best soil amendments money can buy, but gardeners don't need to purchase it.
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Go Native!

Discover how to easily care for native plants while enjoying their year-round beauty.
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Miracles of Monarchs

For those who appreciate butterflies, this presentation is one to enjoy.
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Night Hike on Campion Trail

Explore the nighttime world of animals of Campion Trail with native species experts and learn more about the sights, smells and sounds of nature at night. Registration is required for all participants.
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Sensational Succulents

Have the sharpest looking succulents in the neighborhood with all the information this class provides.
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Terrariums are low-maintenance, space-saving gardens, and they are simply beautiful.
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Urban Wildlife, Wildlife Photography and Ways to Participate

This comprehensive presentation introduces the more interesting wildlife living within the area, starting with the familiar and moving on to the rare and unusual.
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