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November 1, 2021 1:00 AM

Twice a Week Watering in Effect

As part of the City’s ongoing water conservation plan, efficient, twice-a-week irrigation measures are now in effect. All residents and businesses are limited to irrigating only twice per week, according to scheduling for odd/even addresses:

Watering Schedule November-March

• Use of free-flowing hoses is prohibited; hoses must have attached positive shutoff nozzle and be under the control of a person when in use.
• All private property leaks must be repaired in a timely manner.

Trees, shrubs and dormant grass require irrigation every four to six weeks in the winter. The best approach is to turn off the irrigation controller and operate the system manually no more than once per month when temperatures will remain well above freezing. Also, keeping the controller off helps prevent accidental activation that could cause icing. From Nov. 1 to April 1, it is acceptable to irrigate during daytime hours, when it is typically warmest. If using hose-end sprinklers, winter is a good time to drain and store hoses, sprinklers and nozzles.

While research has shown that twice-per-week irrigation is an appropriate amount, use of Watermyyard.org is encouraged to provide timely and specific information about how much irrigation is needed to supplement precipitation. Though drought stage restrictions are not in effect, all water conservation elements and irrigation ordinance limits will be enforced.

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