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Posted on: May 1, 2022

Litterers Not Invited - Help Keep Irving Beautiful

Young girl wearing recycling T-shirt picking up litter and putting into trash bag.

The City of Irving welcomes Irving residents, visitors, even four-legged friends (as long as they are leashed) to attend and take advantage of the city’s parks and outdoor spaces. But there is one group that is not on the guest list: litterers!

Litter not only looks awful and ruins the beauty of the city, but it can also cause expensive damage to the city’s infrastructure, which affects essential services. Additionally, when litter and solid waste get into storm drains, it poses serious dangers to the environment and public health. 

The City of Irving makes sure to provide plenty of trash receptacles throughout the city’s parks and public spaces. Residents should never throw trash on the ground and double-check that they have collected all items before leaving an area. 

Keeping Irving Beautiful is everyone’s responsibility. When plans are being made to attend an event or visit a city park or trail, remember that litterers are not invited!

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