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Irving Planning and Zoning

Posted on: June 25, 2019

How to Find a Property’s Zoning

Screenshot of the Interactive Map showing Irving.

First time using the city's Interactive Map? Use this step-by-step tutorial to find a property's zoning quickly.

  1. Visit the Interactive Map website. Users can also type into a browser to go there directly.
  2. If the GIS disclaimer splash screen displays, select the "Do not show this again" box and hit OK. This disclaimer explains how the online map is not a suitable replacement for a legal survey. The default display layer is "Approved Zoning." Interactive Map disclaimer, explaining how the maps are not a replacement for a legal survey.
  3. To navigate to a specific parcel address, type it into the “Address Locator” on the top left side of the map or hover over an area on the map with the cursor. Users can zoom in and out using the mouse wheel or the controls at the upper left side of the screen.

    Screenshot of Interactive Map showing how to enter an address into the search bar.Parcel address shown on the map are per DCAD’s records. Sometimes, they don’t match exactly to what is on the ground, and sometimes, there are multiple addresses on a tax parcel. If the address search appears incorrect on the map, place the mouse cursor on the map, hold the left mouse button, and pan the map one way and the next to find the correct site. When the desired property is located on the map, the parcel address will be shown in black lettering on the parcel itself.
  4. Find the Zoning: Click on the Information button in the top right corner of the map (a circle with an "i"); a sidebar opens with some facts about the city. Click on the property of interest, and a popup opens with the approved zoning of the property and the associated case number. The zoning case boundaries are highlighted in light blue.
    Screenshot of Interactive Map showing approved zoning of a parcel.
  5. There are several parts of town where the base zoning is affected by an "Overlay District." To check for such additional regulation, click on the Layers button on the top right corner; it looks like a stack of papers. This opens the legend, and visible layers are indicated by the blue check mark. If multiple checked layers overlap, only the top layer will be visible. Click the box next to the "Overlay Districts" to activate the overlay layer. For reference, there are overlay districts that cover all properties adjacent to Airport Freeway (State Highway (SH) 183), the George Bush Turnpike (SH 161) and over the Las Colinas Urban Center. There are also layers for Certified Tax Information, Development Plans and other features that may be of interest.
    Screenshot of Interactive Map showing layers tool.

What uses are allowed?

Each Zoning District has its own allowable set of uses. This use list is found in the Zoning Ordinance; find the property's corresponding zoning class to see the list of allowable uses.

The City of Irving has three unique districts that defy standard online descriptions. 

To obtain written documentation of a parcel's zoning and allowable uses, submit a Zoning Verification request.

Download the iMAP Instructions
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