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Irving Planning and Zoning

Posted on: July 11, 2019

What is this Zoning District?

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Public and private schools, religious institutions or houses of worship, and nonprofit cultural institutions, public utilities, government buildings and facilities are allowable in all zoning districts.


R-40R-15R-10R-7.5R-6: Single-Family Districts – Allows one single-family detached home. The number indicates the square footage in thousands as the minimum lot size.

R-PH: Patio Home – Allows one single-family detached home. Minimum 4,000 sq. foot lot, 5-foot rear yard setback (15-foot if a two-story home), a 5-foot setback on one side yard with a 10-foot setback on the other. R-PH is a repealed district.

R-ZLR-ZLa: Zero Lot Line Home – Allows one single-family detached home. Minimum 4,000 sq. foot lot; 5-foot rear yard setback (15-foot if a two-story home). Minimum side yard sizes are 10 feet on one side and 8 inches on the other.  R-ZL is a repealed district.

R-3.5: Two-Family – Allows either a single family home or a duplex. Minimum 3,500 square feet per dwelling unit (a duplex requires 7,000 square feet). Setbacks similar to the majority of Single-Family Districts.

R-SFA: Single-Family Attached – Allows a single-family home attached to another single family home. Each lot has a 3,500 square foot minimum. The side yard setback is 6 feet where no other building is attached.

R-2.5: Four-Family – Allows single-family detached homes, duplexes, triplexes or four-unit apartment buildings. Minimum 2,500 square feet per dwelling unit. Setbacks are similar to most Single-Family districts.

R-MF-1R-MF-2: Multi-Family – Allows multifamily (apartment) housing with a minimum density of at least 18 units per acres (no more than 2,400 square feet per dwelling unit on at least a 6,400 square foot lot).

R-TH: Townhouse – Allows townhomes on a minimum 2,420 square foot lot. The only side yard setback requirements are 15 feet from a public right of way, or 6 feet from any non-R-TH zoned lots.

R-MH: Manufactured Home – Allows nine manufacture (mobile) home units per acre on a lot that is at least 10 acres in size. Requires recreation and public service areas for the use of community residents.

R-XF: Extra-Family – Allows one single-family detached home, or a Rooming House, Boarding House, Nursing Home, Hospital, Boarding School, Sorority or Fraternity house on a lot at least 6,000 square feet in size.


AG: Agricultural – Allows crops and livestock rearing, poultry farms, kennels, dairies and riding stables, outdoor theaters and golf driving ranges, commercial mines, quarries and gravel pits, and private airports and landing strips (other regulations apply to some of these uses). The minimum lot size is 150,000 square feet (nearly 3.5 acres).

C-C: Community Commercial – C-N district uses plus ambulance, hospitals, auto repair, funeral homes, motion picture theaters, office buildings, public storage, taxi dispatch offices, wholesale offices, and other commercial businesses.  Minimum 6,400 square foot lot.

C-N: Neighborhood Commercial – P-O district uses plus restaurants, daycare facilities, kindergartens, grocery stores, gasoline stations, plant nurseries, private clubs, professional and business services, retail stores, veterinary clinics and beauty shops. Minimum 6,000 square foot lot.

C-O: Commercial Office – Allows P-O district uses along with daycare facilities, kindergartens, hospitals, nursing homes and business services. Minimum 6,000 square foot lot.

C-OU-1: Commercial Outdoor – Allows auction sales, brick and tile manufacturing and sales, lumber yards, plumbing supplies, pipe storage, storage garages and yards, salvage good sales, and sand and gravel storage. Minimum 2,500 square foot lot.

C-OU-2: Commercial Outdoor – Allows ambulance services, car washes, auto repair, auto part sales and installation, auto sales, miniature golf, drive-in restaurants or theaters, gas stations, taxi dispatch, and truck and trailer rentals. Minimum 2,500 square foot lot.

C-OU-3: Commercial Outdoor – Allows boat and camper sales or rental, sale of used furniture, enclosed grocery sales, manufacture home sales, funeral homes, greenhouses, retail stores, swimming pool sales and display, and business service or merchandise display either inside or outdoors. Minimum 2,400 square foot lot.

CP: Commercial Park – Allows research, wholesale distribution, warehousing and light manufacturing within an enclosed building, professional offices, air freight forwarding, aviation ground schools, auto repair, landscaping sale and supplies, and athletic fields. Minimum 20,000 square foot lot size.

C-W: Commercial Warehouse – Allows warehousing, outdoor storage, motor freight terminals, professional offices, wholesale distribution and sexually oriented businesses. Minimum 5,000 square foot lot.

FWY: Freeway – Allows restaurants, experimental laboratories, gas stations, hospitals, some manufacturing office buildings, private clubs, professional offices and warehouses. Minimum 6,400 square foot lot.

ML-20ML-20aML-40ML-120: Light Industrial – Allows manufacturing, research, wholesale and storage uses, railway stations, motor freight terminals, auto repair, gas stations, food and dairy markets, and all C-W district uses. Minimum 20,000, 40,000 and 120,000 square foot lots, respectively. Setbacks vary for ML-20a.

P-O: Professional Office – Allows professional, administrative or financial offices; banks; pharmacies; medical and dental clinics or laboratories; and art, dance and drama studios. Minimum 6,000 square foot lot.

Special Districts

HCD: Heritage Crossing District – The Heritage Crossing District is a mixed use zoning district that contains there distinctive “Character Zones” to help guide development within downtown Irving.

TOD: Transit Oriented Development District- The Transit Oriented Development District is a mixed use zoning district that allows high density housing to be constructed in conjunction with a office, retail or other commercial uses provided that the site is within 1/2 mile of a light or commuter rail transit station.  

PUD: Planned Unit Development – The Planned Unit Development district is used for areas of land at least 30 acres in size for which a coordinated long-term land use plan with a mix of uses is planned.

S-P-1S-P-2: Site Plan – Site Plan zoning districts are modifications of another zoning district. An S-P-2 is a “generalized” site plan. An S-P-1 “detailed” site plan shows the exact positioning of buildings, parking spaces, other details.

To view the zoning on any parcel of land in Irving, visit the Interactive Map.

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