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Posted on: July 31, 2019

Changes to Plat Review Process

Sample Subdivision Plat

Plat Review Streamlining as Required by HB 3167 (2019)

The State of Texas recently amended Chapter 212 of the Local Government Code regarding the subdivision of property known as House Bill (HB 3167). This law is designed to ensure plat applications are processed in a timely manner by requiring that cities review and “act on” any plat application within 30 days of filing. With the changes, only the applicant may request a single postponement of their case, and that single postponement is limited to 30 days.

Since the law went into effect on Sept. 1, 2019, the City of Irving has altered how plat applications are processed:

  • It is highly recommended that required infrastructure studies such as iSWM (stormwater), traffic and utilities be completed prior to application submittal and filing. Currently, these studies are often worked through and finalized during the plat review process, the time for which is now limited. For plats where public facilities will be constructed, a complete plat application must include written documentation from the applicable departments confirming that infrastructure studies have been accepted and/or approved. A plat will be incomplete and not be accepted for filing if no confirmation of these studies is provided or no infrastructure studies have been submitted for review. (Any submitted but unapproved or incomplete studies will be listed as a deficiency and the plat will be subject to the act of Disapproval.)
  • For plats with a small number of lots and where no public facilities are being constructed and therefore no plans are typically required, an application may be submitted without this sign off; however further review of the plat could necessitate infrastructure studies.
  • Applicants may request a Presubmittal Meeting to discuss what is required for a complete application. Email or call (972) 721-2424 for more information.
  • The list of all requirements for a complete plat application can be found here.
  • Plat application acceptance will be limited to two days before the posted application cut-off date in order to meet the 30-day time limit for plat action.
  • A handout explaining the process is available. A signed acknowledgment of receipt of the handout will be requested with an application to ensure the new process is known.

New procedures

  1. Once a completed plat application is received, the case will be placed on the agenda of the for the next scheduled Planning and Zoning Commission meeting within the 30-day time limit. The Planning and Zoning Commission meets the 1st and 3rd Mondays of the month at 7 pm.
  2. Applicants will continue to receive a “Technical Review” letter which will identify any deficiencies in the plat application to be addressed prior to approval with references to applicable city code.
  3. Applicants may voluntarily request one 30-day postponement in writing if needed. The Planning and Zoning Commission will have to act to accept the request. The plat will automatically be placed on the next agenda within 30 days of P&Z acceptance.
  4. For residential replats with exception requests, public notices will be sent out within 10 days of the Planning and Zoning Commission hearing.
  5. If there are unaddressed deficiencies on a plat application when the Planning and Zoning Commission agenda is posted, then the application will be recommended for Disapproval. If the application is Disapproved, then the applicant may submit one revision of the plat. There is no required time period for this resubmission.
  6. Once the revision is submitted, it will be reviewed by staff and prepared for Planning and Zoning Commission action within 15 days of submittal. If this resubmittal does not address all of the original application’s shortcomings, the plat will be recommended for Denial which ends the process.
  7. Additional revisions cannot be submitted for a Denied plat. A new plat application and fee would be necessary and the above process would restart..

Read HB 3167

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