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Irving Code Enforcement Updates

Posted on: October 8, 2019

City of Irving Code Enforcement Q&As

Cars parked on both sides of a residential street.

Setting the record straight: Code Enforcement answers residents’ questions about rules and regulations regarding property maintenance.

Is the city responsible for maintaining alleyways in residential neighborhoods?

No. The property owner or resident is responsible for the alley behind their property out to the center of the alley.

I want to paint my house. Are there color restrictions in Irving?

Irving’s Municipal Code does not include color restrictions.

Do Code Enforcement Officers have specialized training?

Yes. Code Enforcement Officers are licensed by the State of Texas and are required to attend continuing education training classes each year to maintain their licenses.

Can Code Enforcement Officers write citations for vehicles parked illegally on the street or in the driveway blocking the sidewalk?

No. The Irving Police Department issues citations for vehicles and trailers illegally parked in the street or blocking the sidewalk. Code Enforcement only has jurisdiction on private properties. To report a potential violation contact the Police using the non-emergency number at (972) 273-1010.

Do Code Enforcement Officers’ cases only include resident complaints?

No. More than six out of 10 violation cases are generated by the Code Enforcement Officers themselves, based on what is seen in their plain view.

I submitted a complaint. Will Code Enforcement respond within 48 hours?

Yes. In most cases, Code Enforcement Officers will respond to a complaint within 48 hours. Oftentimes, the received complaint may be invalid, and the case is closed. Response time is dependent on the type of violation and level of cooperation obtained, and cases can take a day, several days, weeks or months for compliance.

Do Code Enforcement Officers always issue citations?

No. In fact, only 5 percent of all Code Enforcement cases result in a citation. Code Enforcement Officers will personally contact the accuser and issue warning notices in addition to provide educational materials, which results in a 95 percent voluntary compliance rate each year.

Does the city limit the number of cars parked at a residence?

Yes. The city allows one vehicle for each licensed driver at the residence, plus two additional vehicles. If Code Enforcement Officers observe six or more vehicles parked on private property between two and seven days, proof of ownership is required. Failure of the property owner to produce documentation demonstrating vehicles are registered to the property result in a citation.

I received a code violation notice. Can I ask for a deadline extension?

Yes. Code Enforcement Officers frequently deal with hardship cases and make every effort to provide assistance whenever possible. Residents can call the department to explain their circumstances and can be granted a reasonable extension.

Do Code Enforcement Officers handle noise complaints?

No. The Irving Police Department will respond to noise complaints such as loud music, parties, revving engines, etc. However, Code Enforcement will respond to noise from construction sites operating prior to 6 a.m. or after 9 p.m. during the week and 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. on weekends. Residents should report noise complaints to the Police non-emergency number at (972) 273-1010.

Can Code Enforcement Officers look over a fence into a resident’s backyard for a violation?

No. Code Enforcement Officers must see the violation in plain view from the right-of-way, alley or an adjacent property. Code Enforcement Officers cannot climb and look over a fence.

Can I post a temporary sign on Thursday along a right-of-way?

Yes. Temporary signs are only allowed in the right-of-way beginning Thursday and must be removed by midnight Sunday. Any signs remaining on Monday morning will be removed and discarded. Signs are never allowed in the median of any road or along state highways and/or service roads. 

Does Code Enforcement handle scattered trash or debris on roadways?

No. Code Enforcement Officers only respond to reports of trash and debris on private property. To report trash or debris on roadways and public right-of-ways, call the Litter Hotline at (972) 721-5487.

Can I place my bulky items and brush at the curb any day for weekly pickup?

Yes. There is no set day to put bulk items out at the curb. However, residents are encouraged to place items at the curb as close to the pickup day as possible. To identify scheduled pickup day, call Solid Waste Services at (972) 721-8059.

Can I park my junk motor vehicles on the street or in my private driveway?

No. Junk motor vehicles must be parked or stored in an enclosed building where they are not visible.

Are short-term rentals prohibited in residential homes?

No. Short-term rentals are an allowable land use in the city. Short-term rentals follow the same occupancy guidelines as owner-occupied homes: no more than four unrelated people with a maximum of two people per bedroom plus one person may occupy residential homes.

Does a Code Enforcement Officer need permission to enter my backyard?

Yes. A property owner or renter must grant a Code Enforcement Officer permission to enter a backyard to validate a complaint.

Can Code Enforcement get a search warrant for my backyard if a complaint is not in plain view?

No. Code Enforcement Officers can only obtain a search warrant for probable cause. Complaints of alleged violations not in plain view would not qualify as probable cause.

I already received a code violation citation. Can I receive another one if the violation is not corrected?

Yes. In difficult cases, multiple citations are issued while illegal conditions continue through the enforcement process.

Can Code Enforcement Officers remove debris from my property?

Yes. Code Enforcement can abate or remove high weeds, litter or debris through the abatement process. However, Texas State Law does require a seven-day notice prior to removal of items. 

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