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Posted on: February 11, 2021

Texas Legislation Could End Local Apartment Inspection Program


Since the 1980s, the City of Irving has operated a program to inspect all apartment complexes in the city, regardless of age, to ensure the safety of residents, visitors, employees and neighbors of multifamily properties.

Code enforcement also inspects properties on a complaint basis. It is estimated that more than 80 percent of the complaints are valid, resulting in the owner being tasked to make the necessary repairs.

The entire exterior and common areas of complexes are inspected annually, along with a random selection of individual units. Maintenance issues and safety concerns – exposed electrical wiring, rotting wood, and unsafe staircases, among other code violations – are identified. The owner is given a period of time to remedy the issue. Citations are issued, as a last resort, if there is a continued failure to address the issue.

In 2008, the City amended it local ordinance to include a risk rating assignment to all properties. Level one (1) indicates the property is maintained and safe; a level four (4) indicates hazardous conditions with extensive maintenance issues. At the inception of the program, there were 114 properties with a level four (4) risk rating. By 2012, four years after the program was instituted, there were zero properties at level four (4), and the same holds true today.

The most recent report for the City’s inspection program demonstrates how Irving’s Multi-Family Risk Rating average has steadily decreased since the program’s inception.

A fee assessed on a per-unit basis covers the cost of the inspection staff dedicated to the program. Texas House Bill HB 754 would reduce those fees substantially, likely requiring a drastic reduction in the program’s scope. The impact could lead to safety issues at multifamily properties, putting residents, visitors, employees and neighboring properties at risk.

The City of Irving is home to a substantial number of multifamily properties. The inspection program has been one of the city’s main efforts to keep all multifamily housing safe, in good repair and in a condition that maintains property values for the entire community.

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