What is the Planning Department?
The Planning Department, oversees the development and implementation of the Comprehensive Plan (which expresses the shared community vision for the future of the city, and directs community action towards achieving that vision) and other plans for specific neighborhoods such as the Las Colinas Urban Center and Heritage Crossing. The Planning Department also works with land owners, residents and builders on the development of properties through administration of the Zoning Ordinance (which defines how property can be used) and Subdivision/Platting Regulations (which govern dividing or combining property for sale or construction), and for administering beautification programs for businesses along major corridors such as Irving Boulevard and a home improvement program for houses in the Hospital District and Austin Heights. This team also maintains statistical information about Irving including population, demographics, housing, employment and other data.

The Planning Department works closely with the Planning and Zoning Commission, which is a board made up of volunteers who advise City Council on land use related decisions. More information about this board can be found on the City Secretary’s website.

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1. What is the Planning Department?
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