What is the process of rezoning / platting?
  • Fill out and submit your application form along with the stated number of copies of any site plan or plat, and your non-refundable application fee.
  • Your request will then be assigned to a city planner / case manager who will guide the application through the rest of the process.
  • The planner will present your case at a multidepartmental Technical Review Committee meeting so that all elements of the city government in charge of providing services or reviewing the design of a property can make comments.
  • Technical Review Committee comments will be sent to you so that you can make any necessary revisions to your proposal.
  • Once all revisions have been made and the concerns of staff have been addressed, the case will be scheduled for public hearing with the Planning and Zoning Commission. All property owners within 200 feet of a zoning case will be notified of your request and be permitted to speak at the public hearing. Residential replats also require public notice to be sent out.
  • The Planning and Zoning Commission will hear your case and make a recommendation of approval or denial of zoning cases for City Council. With plats, the Planning and Zoning Commission has the authority to approve or deny the request.
  • Zoning cases moving forward to City Council’s consideration are identified in a Notice of Public Hearing published in a local newspaper 15 days prior to the public hearing. In addition, the applicant must post signs on the property identifying the nature of the request.
  • If City Council approves a zoning change, then an ordinance is prepared indicating the change in zoning for that property. If City Council denies the zoning change request, then the zoning remains unchanged and the case is considered closed.
  • Typically, a zoning change takes approximately 60 days to process from receipt of application to the final City Council decision. In some cases, the process may take longer.

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