What should I do if my water is off and needs to be turned back on?
Water Utilities staff is not authorized to turn on water after cut-off for nonpayment, nor to set up new service. This will need to be taken care of through the Customer Service Division during regular business hours. Call (972) 721-2411 for more information.

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1. How do I know if my bill matches my meter reading?
2. Will it affect my bill if city crews were working on a water line repair on my street?
3. Why do I have milky colored water coming out of my faucet?
4. My water was off due to a water main break or private repair. Now I hear noise in my water line and air is coming from my faucet after I turn the water on. What should I do?
5. Why do I have low pressure in my house?
6. I have had a new meter installed, and my bill has increased. Can I have my meter tested?
7. Why am I always encouraged to conserve water when Water Utilities uses up water flushing fire hydrants?
8. Who is responsible for painting the fire hydrants?
9. The city made a repair in front of my house and left a pile of dirt behind. When will it be cleaned up?
10. The city made a repair at my house and the concrete sidewalk (or street, or driveway) was removed. When will this be fixed?
11. The city made a repair on my grass / landscaping / irrigation system. When will it be cleaned?
12. When do I need to move my car if there is a problem with a pipe under my driveway that needs to be fixed?
13. There was a water break and the water was shut off in my area. Why wasn't I notified?
14. What should I do if my water is off and needs to be turned back on?
15. How long will it take to clean the sewer line with the big trucks?
16. The plumber said the stoppage is on the city side. Will the city fix it?
17. Some drains and toilets work and others do not, what should I do?
18. I have sewage backing up in my house. What should I do?
19. Is water with chlorine in it safe to drink?
20. How hard is Irving's water?
21. Is the fluoride in my drinking water safe?
22. Is it okay to use hot water from the tap for cooking?