I am in the military now. When should I apply?

Irving Police will need an official DD214 in order to complete a background process and complete the hiring process. Applicants need to take the police test that is closest to when they have their official DD214. The official DD214 is needed within 30 days after taking a police test in order to complete the background process. The department recommends military applicants apply when they are in a position to start work. The city cannot hold any position until the end of an enlistment period.

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1. What is done on the testing day?
2. When is the application (Personal History Statement) due?
3. What is on the civil service test?
4. What is the attire for the testing day?
5. What should I bring on the test day?
6. How many applicants are registered for the test?
7. How many openings are there?
8. When does the academy start?
9. What is the processing time?
10. Do I need a criminal justice degree or my 60 hours in criminal justice?
11. What shifts do patrol officer’s work?
12. What days off do patrol officers have?
13. When do the benefits start?
14. What areas are the main disqualifiers for applicants?
15. I am in the military now. When should I apply?
16. Does my DD214 need to show honorable discharge?
17. What is the police academy like?
18. What is the academy training for a Lateral Police Officer?
19. Do you have a hotel to recommend?