Is there any plan to revitalize the once-reputable Irving Mall?

In regard to your question on the Irving Mall, at this time City of Irving is not currently aware of any specific plans the owners may have to revitalize the property. As private property, the timing and nature of any changes at Irving Mall are ultimately in the hands of its property owners. When the property owners choose to explore redevelopment opportunities, the city likely would be interested in collaborating with the owners and private lenders to ensure the site is revitalized in a way that enhances the site and provides a positive impact on the surrounding neighborhood.

The city's recommendations, as explored and illustrated in the recently adopted Imagine Irving Comprehensive Plan, are as follows:

Strategy 1: Continue working with the owners and management of Irving Mall to plan for the potential long-term redevelopment of the site that could create a walkable, mixed-use center in line with the vision for Irving.

Strategy 2: Encourage future redevelopment efforts to create an internal street network and greatly expand on-street parking.

Strategy 3: Explore options for a public-private partnership to construct and manage public parking garages at Irving Mall.

Strategy 4: Require future redevelopment efforts to incorporate open space and low-impact development stormwater solutions into the site plan to improve environmental quality.

Strategy 5: Provide a buffer to existing residential neighborhoods adjacent to Irving Mall by locating lower density housing on the northwestern portion of the site and increased density to the southeast portion closer to State Highway 183.

For more information, visit the Imagine Irving Comprehensive Plan website. Download the comprehensive plan and scroll to Chapter 15: Small Area Planning. Catalyst Site No. 4: the Irving Mall Area is found on pages 375 through 381.

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1. Is there any plan to revitalize the once-reputable Irving Mall?