I know I used less water this month but the usage is still high. Why?

The City of Irving bills your water usage in "arrears."  This means that a customer must use water before the city bills you for it. By the time a customer receives a statement from the city, usage is approximately three weeks into the next billing period.  

The city also strives to keep service periods between 28 to 34 days (since there are months short of 31 days). Pay close attention to the service period dates listed on the statement and ask...  

  • Did I have my sprinklers on during this period (maybe adjusting the timers)?
  • Did I have added guests during the period for the holidays?
  • Did I put in new sod, seed or landscaping that required additional watering?
  • How often did I have to "top-off" our pool this period?  

You may also need to refer to the same time last year for the consumption used during that period. 

If you still believe there may be an issue we are here to help. Call the Customer Service Department for help at (972) 721-2411 or email customer-service@cityofirving.org  

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