What is the background of the project?

The project originated with the 2008 Irving Boulevard Enhancement Study, which established the vision for redevelopment of this significant corridor from Loop 12 on the east to its terminus at State Highway (SH) 183. Recommendations included a more diversified, pedestrian-friendly, mixed-use neighborhood in the area and improvement to the urban fabric and connections along the Irving Boulevard Corridor.

The study identified needed infrastructure improvements, recommended streetscape enhancements and introduced both short- and long-range land parcel redevelopment strategies all geared toward stimulating and sustaining the revitalization effort. This effort was continued with the Gateway Planning Heritage Crossing initiative, and included refinements to the plan, rezoning, and public land dispositions.

On Dec. 10, 2010, the Irving City Council designated Tax Increment Financing Reinvestment Zone Number Two (“Irving Boulevard TIF” or “TIF 2”), by City Ordinance 2010-9229. The TIF was created to develop an attractive, sustainable urban core, and it identified the main public improvement project as the reconstruction of the section of Irving Boulevard running though the Heritage Crossing district into a multimodal urban corridor to help promote downtown revitalization

This will transform the highway into a roadway to accommodate vehicular, pedestrian and bicycle traffic by reducing the number of vehicle lanes to two and using the remaining right-of-way for parallel parking, wider sidewalks, a bike lane, and streetscape amenities.

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1. Where can people park when visiting downtown Irving during construction?
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3. What is the background of the project?
4. What is included in the project?
5. What is the anticipated cost of the project?
6. How is the project funded?
7. What are the project limits?
8. What is the timeline of the project?
9. Will there be new lighting installed?
10. Will the traffic signals be upgraded?
11. Will construction be phased to allow traffic to continue to flow along Irving Boulevard in order for businesses to remain open?
12. Will the DART bus stops along the project route remain in place?
13. Will there be a continuous sidewalks and landscaping along Irving Boulevard?
14. What is the approach to tree preservation within the project limits?
15. Where can I find more information?
16. Who can I contact for more information?