How is the project funded?

A combination of city funds and a $12 million grant from the Regional Transportation Council (RTC) through its fiscal agent the North Central Texas Council of Governments (NCTCOG) will provide the advance funding for the reconstruction of Irving Boulevard from Sowers Road to Strickland Plaza.

This grant will allow for advanced funding to begin the Irving Boulevard Reconstruction. Per the terms of the Interlocal Agreement (ILA), the City of Irving will contribute funds to NCTCOG if and when funds are available in the TIF fund. Contributions from the City of Irving to RTC, via NCTCOG, for the grant are outlined within the ILA between the two entities.

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1. Where can people park when visiting downtown Irving during construction?
2. My customers are having a hard time finding my business. What type of signage can businesses have during this time?
3. What is the background of the project?
4. What is included in the project?
5. What is the anticipated cost of the project?
6. How is the project funded?
7. What are the project limits?
8. What is the timeline of the project?
9. Will there be new lighting installed?
10. Will the traffic signals be upgraded?
11. Will construction be phased to allow traffic to continue to flow along Irving Boulevard in order for businesses to remain open?
12. Will the DART bus stops along the project route remain in place?
13. Will there be a continuous sidewalks and landscaping along Irving Boulevard?
14. What is the approach to tree preservation within the project limits?
15. Where can I find more information?
16. Who can I contact for more information?