... Citizens seem left out when it comes to their neighborhood needs in regards to street and infrastructure improvements.

Q: I would like to make a suggestion for consideration as a budget item for FY2022-2023. As a longtime Irving resident of 43 years I feel the City of Irving improvements to the city streets and right of ways have been very proactive and aggressive in making our city look updated and well maintained. The failing I have noticed are infrastructure changes that are not as visible to the public, but nonetheless impact how it’s citizens seem left out when it comes to their neighborhood needs in regards to street and infrastructure improvements. I have discussed this issue with my Councilman, contacted the City Streets Department and talked with the Municipal Drainage Department about an ongoing concern in my neighborhood without much success. 

I live on XXX Drive which shares a rear entry alley with XXX Court. The alley serves as the major drainage source and the only venue for the McArthur High School football field water runoff collection area. The alley consistently is deluged with water runoff from the field which, dependent on the amount of rain runoff, can overwhelm the alley's capability to effectively contain the flow and prevent flooding and constant erosion of the alley asphalt surface. 

I would like to see this corrected by adding the funding resource to our budget to fix the problem permanently. I have suggested either building a closer drainage area by the school that would not use the alley as its main drainage source or reconstruct the alley out of a more durable material such as concrete with curbs to assist in preventing flooding. Please consider adding this project and any other similar projects that are known or have been reported as a funded budget item in the FY2022-2023 cycle. It does not seem fair that the citizens of Irving are not held in equal regard concerning their needs over the interest of the city or school district. I would like to comment favorably on the communication avenues the City has recently introduced to its citizens in regards to collaboration on making Irving a GREAT CITY to live in!

A: Thank you for your suggestion concerning the infrastructure and street improvements for your neighborhood. 

The Municipal Drainage Utility and Capital Improvement Project departments are aware of the issue, but at this time do not have it slated to be funded as project for the upcoming fiscal year. More information about projects and how funding for capital improvement projects are allocated can be found on the City’s website. 

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