Long-time Irving resident dreaming of "Keeping Irving Magnificent!"

Q: First: Thanks so very much for all you are doing to upgrade so many areas, and infrastructure in Irving!!!!! Long-time Irving resident dreaming of "Keeping Irving Magnificent!"

  1. I hope the city is coordinating with the state to install double underpass/overpass at Irving Boulevard and Story Road.
  2. Look at pictures of Washington D. C. What's missing? Millions of electric poles and wires. I realize to go underground is a super major project involving many parties. But what would Beltline Road look like without all the leaning poles and wires everywhere? Please consider upgrading Beltline between 183 and Country Club Road. Street level business signs, more trees and shrubs, a few benches etc.
  3. Related to #2, ChicFilet- needed: reconfigure adjoining parking area on the north side of the building to make a larger to-go line, to have traffic on Beltline backing up is unacceptable. Don't you agree?
  4. Due to the immense increase in traffic Rochelle from Beltline to Wingren needs 2 lanes each direction, plus dedicated left turn lanes, and yield only right turn lanes at each intersection.
  5. Along Riverside Drive could the electrical/phone cabinets be hidden with slow-growing shrubs? Beautiful neighborhood, grass, street, bridges, and boom! Ugly green boxes. Maybe the bright white and orange utility markers could could be shorter?
  6. In all construction of signs and fences in public areas please put concrete around the pole, or under the fence line so no edging is ever required.
  7. Please reduce the number of flashing lights on Police Vehicles, they are blinding at night and a real distraction in the day.

Please keep up the great work you do!

A: Thank you for your input on the upcoming budget for FY 22-23. Please know that your email will be shared with the Mayor and City Council. 

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1. I have a suggestion for the upcoming budget that I believe will have a huge impact on the city ...
2. ... Citizens seem left out when it comes to their neighborhood needs in regards to street and infrastructure improvements.
3. Long-time Irving resident dreaming of "Keeping Irving Magnificent!"
4. I would really like to see a grant program for individuals or small businesses who want to invest in renewable energy.
5. Please be conservative with the budget for the upcoming year.
6. Change our garbage collection to just once a week and have plastic bins.
7. I would like to suggest for consideration several service points increases/improvements within the Fire department.
8. Would recommend plans to fix up and utilize the pool at Lee Park.
9. I wanted to find more details on the "Bear" armored vehicle.
10. Please be careful of letting the pension funding get out of hand.
11. More parks! More trees planted. An indoor pool in South Irving with more open hours than the Senior Center.
12. Lower property taxes.
13. Are there NOT ANY "exemptions" for persons over the age of 65?
14. Please clean up Northwest Park.
15. I recently heard that our trash pick up is being reduced to once weekly and I was wondering if my taxes will be reduced accordingly?