What are the future plans for the sites?

The Parks and Recreation Department is commissioning a third-party feasibility study to identify current recreation and aquatic trends that might be applicable to future projects in Irving. 

This study will solicit community input and provide options for future consideration. Funding will have to be secured prior to the approval of any future development at the sites. 

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1. Why did the Lee and Lively Parks Pools close?
2. Why did the pools not re-open in 2021?
3. What is the current condition of the swimming pools?
4. Were there repair estimates for the facilities in the swimming pool assessment?
5. Can I find a copy of the assessment online?
6. Did the Parks and Recreation Master Plan in 2019 address the traditional seasonal pools?
7. What are the future plans for the sites?
8. Are there other swimming pools close to the Lee and Lively Park?