What should I do if I found a pet?
  • If you can approach the pet safely, check for an ID tag, contact the owner, and help reunite the pet with its family. If the pet is not wearing an ID tag, take the animal to a veterinary clinic or bring them to the Irving Animal Care Campus to check for a microchip.
  • If you are unable to approach or transport the animal safely, call Irving Animal Services at (972) 721-2256 and provide the officer with a detailed description of the animal and the location. *If the animal is not located within the city limits of Irving, please contact the animal services agency for the area in which the animal is located.
  • If you have a lost pet contained and can provide temporary shelter but have not been able to find the owner, submit a Found Animal report. Online reports are sent to shelter staff who will post on the Lost and Found page. Reports are held in our database for 30 days. If you find the owner, please let us know so we can cancel the report. After 30 days, you may fill out another report if the owner has not been found.
  • Post fliers and notices in your area and on social media. Advertise in local newspapers and be sure to read the "Lost" ads.

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1. What should I do if I lost my pet?
2. What should I do if I found a pet?
3. How can I submit a lost / found report?
4. How can I view lost / found reports submitted?