I would like to suggest for consideration several service points increases/improvements within the Fire department.

Q: I know the City of Irving is seeking input for the 22-23 annual budget. I would like to suggest for consideration several service points increases/improvements within the Fire department. First, with the increase in population both during the day and evening of the entertainment/business district Fire Station 8 covers that  a paramedic ambulance/MICU be added full time at Station 8. This station which also includes a ladder truck is constantly being dispatched to traffic incidents along the highways that once surrounded the Texas stadium site. 

A MICU is dispatched from a different outlying station which increases response time and leaves a void in the district that the MICU was dispatched from creating a domino effect in surrounding areas if that district is in need of a MICU during the same period of time which happens frequently. In addition, Medic 8 would supplement current staffing of Station 8 which is the HAZMAT station for the city of Irving. 

An additional request would be to increase the staffing of all ladder trucks to four members. The city has seen the safety benefits of the IFD Blocker program which are housed in conjunction with the ladder companies. An additional member would increase operational efficiency of this added duty to the company. In addition, the ladder trucks provide initial rescue capabilities for entrapments while Station 6 is responding with its rescue. Station 6 is located on the western side of Irving next to DFW airport. The response time for the rescue could be considerable if during high commute times or inclement weather. In addition Station 6 might already be on a call and unavailable for assignment. Currently, the officer on the truck is overseeing the rescue while the other two firefighters are performing the rescue. An additional firefighter would increase the safety for all personnel on scene and expedite the removal of the entrapped victim. 

This same job function can be applied with structure fires. You have the officer overseeing the job function with the firefighters performing the necessary task. These task are very labor intensive while two can make do, an additional firefighter makes this dangerous function more manageable. Thank you taking the time to read my input for the fiscal 22-23 budget.

A: Thank you for contacting the BFF email. Your insightful commentary is appreciated. Please know that this email will be shared with the City Council and Mayor as well as Fire Chief Victor Conley. 

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