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Application for Flood Control District Boards

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  4. Most board members shall be qualified voters of the City of Irving and have resided in the City for not less than one year immediately prior to the date of appointment.
  5. 1. Are you registered to vote in Irving?*
  6. Enter your first, second and third choice to indicate which board or committee you are interested in.
  7. Section 552.024 of the Texas Public Information Act provides that any appointed official of a government body shall choose whether to allow public access to the information in custody of the government body that relates to the person's home address or telephone number.
  8. Section 552.137 provides that the email address of a member of the public that is provided for the purpose of communication electronically with a government body is confidential and not subject to disclosure.
  9. Your application will be kept on file with the City Secretary's Office for one year. If you have any questions please call (972) 721-2493.
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