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City of Irving Board Application


  1. 1. Step One
  2. 2. Acknowledgments
  • Step One

    1. NOTE: The deadline to apply for the 2021 board appointments is Thursday, Sept. 23
    2. Title*
    3. Cannot be a PO Box
    4. 000-000-0000
    5. 000-000-0000
    6. Most board members shall be qualified voters of the City of Irving and have resided in the City for not less than one year immediately prior to the date of appointment.
    7. 1. Are you registered to vote in Irving?*
    8. Enter Years

    9. Enter your first, second and third choices to indicate which board or committee you are interested in.

      Note: If there is not an open position on the board of your first choice, the city council may consider an appointment to your second or third choice.

    10. Please describe in detail.
    11. Please describe in detail.
    12. In addition to the monthly Board of Directors meetings, there are also Board Committees that meet each quarter, all during the work day.
    13. Please describe in detail.
    14. If yes, describe in detail.
    15. If yes, describe in detail.
    16. If yes, describe in detail.
    17. If yes, describe in detail.
    18. If yes, please explain.
    19. If yes, describe in detail.
    20. The Commission meets during the evening of the first and third Monday of every month. As a result of recent changes in State law, it is essential that we have a quorum at all meetings so a meeting does not have to be cancelled.