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Code Enforcement Complaint

  1.  THIS FORM IS TO REPORT ONLY CODE VIOLATIONS. refer all other complaints to the departments listed below.

    • Police Department: For noise complaints or vehicles in the street: abandoned vehicles, wrecked/dismantled, parked the wrong way, blocking sidewalks, causing an visibility obstruction, oversized commercial vehicles parked in residential areas, expired tags, call Police Non-Emergency (972) 273-1010.
    • Animal Services Department: For animal concerns and noise complaints or questions, call (972) 721-2256.
    • Inspections Department: For structure or fence under construction without a permit, or to submit a food establishment health complaint, call Inspections at (972) 721-2371 or Email Inspections Office.
    • Streets Department: To report graffiti, call (972) 721-2201.
    • Water Utilities Department: To report a neighbor violating water restriction times, pouring chemicals or blowing leaves into the street/city drains, call  (972) 721-2281.
    • Parks and Recreation Department: To report shopping carts on the sidewalk or street or excessive amounts of trash/debris in the street/curb, call (972) 721-2501.
    • Solid Waste Services: For trash, recycling, brush pickup information, call (972) 721-8059.
  2. A Code Officer will investigate the complaint submitted.
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