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Scope and Schedule

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    When this form has been completed, please return it to the City of Irving via hand delivery to the third floor Code Enforcement Dept., or by:

    City of Irving, Code Enforcement Dept. 825 W. Irving Blvd., Irving, TX 75060 Attn: Dale Demarest

    Phone: (972) 721-4917

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  4. Notice
    I plan to make the following repairs and understand that this list may not be all inclusive. I am aware that other violations may be identified as work progresses or as discovered through the city inspections process. I understand that if I am unable to make all required repairs within this scope and schedule timeframe, it will be my responsibility to work with the Code Enforcement Dept. to develop a revised approved to form scope and schedule that can be presented for final approval by the Building and Standards Commission. I understand that requesting an extension with a revised scope and schedule for final approval does not allow the delay of applying for and obtaining required permits, nor does it allow for the delay of work to commence. All work must comply with all applicable adopted codes and inspections by the City of Irving. All permitted work must be completed by qualified personnel.
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