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Sign Variance Application

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  4. Property Owner
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  7. Submittal Checklist: Sign Variance
  8. Submittal Checklist: Special Sign Permit
  9. For Office Use Only
  10. Sign Variance
    The following shall be signed by the applicant.

    I understand that a variance to the height, area, setback, and/or material regulations as provided in Chapter 7 of the City of Irving Land Development Code shall not be granted to relieve a self‐created or personal hardship, nor shall it be based solely on economic gain or loss.
  11. Special Sign Permit (Digital Signs)
    Place the following notes on the sign drawing submitted with this application. If the applicant does not agree to any of the following stipulations, explain in the letter submitted with this application why any of the following statements have not been included on the plan.
    1. Per Section 7-3.1(b)(2), the sign
    • Shall not display any illumination by flashing, intermittent or moving lights
    • Shall not contain or display animated, moving video or scrolling elements
    • Shall not project a static image upon a stationary object
    2. Per Section 7‐3.1(b)(3), the digital sign face shall be visible from only one direction of traffic.
    3. Per Section 7‐3.1(b)(4), the sign
    • Shall display each message a minimum of 8 seconds
    • Shall accomplish a change of message within a maximum of 2 seconds
    4. Per Section 7‐3.1(b)(5), a change of message must occur simultaneously on the entire sign face.
    5. Per Section 7‐3.1(b)(6), the sign shall contain a default design mechanism that freezes the sign in one position if a malfunction occurs.
    6. Per Section 7‐3.1(b)(7), the sign shall automatically adjust the intensity of its display brightness according to natural ambient light conditions.
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