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Proud Partners Awards Nomination Form

  1. Rules

    Electronic and/or paper applications Must Be Received by KIB by 5 p.m. June 9, 2023.

    Provide a brief description of why you feel the nominee deserves the selected award. If available, please submit photographs. (Maximum 1 page in length, please).

    Multiple awards may be given in each category.

  2. Business & Industry Award: recognizes businesses and business leaders with sound environmental principles supporting the Keep Irving Beautiful mission.

    Civic Organization Award: honors civic associations for their leadership efforts in improving the community environment.

    Civil Servant Award: recognizes professional s such as police officers, firefighters, prosecutors, judge s or environmental compliance officers, who have supported the KIB mission through unique approaches to their duties.

    Educator Award: honor s those in the education field who encourage or demonstrate efforts to promote the KIB mission through environmental education.

    Faith Group Award: recognizes outstanding contributions to the Irving environment by faith groups.
  3.  Government Award: is designed to recognize outstanding contributions to the Irving environment by government departments, divisions or agencies.

    Margie Stipes Lifetime Achievement Award: honors an individual who has provided leadership in areas that support improving and enhancing the environment of Irving.

    KIB Hometown Award: informal yet sincere, its purpose is to help residents recognize and show appreciation for contributions to Irving’s quality of life.

    Media Award: recognizes the public awareness and education efforts of media in supporting environmental issues.

    Youth Leadership Award: recognize s outstanding efforts made by youth whose accomplishments are bringing about cleaner, more beautiful campuses, neighborhoods, parks, and/or communities.

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