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Register Your Book Club

  1. Why should I register my book club?
    • Your book club's designated contact can reserve and borrow the Library's Book Gab to Go book kits.
    • Your club is eligible to use an Irving Public Library's meeting room facilities twice a year for a club meetings.
    • Your book club's contact will receive information about upcoming author appearances and new Book Gab to Go book kits.
    • If your book club is accepting new members, we will provide information about your club to potential new members.
  2. Is your club accepting new members?
    If you click yes, the library will recommend your book club to customers seeking a discussion group.
  3. If you are accepting new members, please provide information about the type of books you read, membership fees, etc.
    In order to check out the library's Book Gab to Go book kits, the club's designated contact must have a current full-access Irving Public Library card with no blocks. Please see this web page for details about signing up for a library card.
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