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2023 Fusion Vendor Application


  1. 1. Basic Vendor Information
  2. 2. Vendor Application
  3. 3. General Release of Liability
  • Basic Vendor Information

    1. Vendor Categories

      Vendor spaces are available in four categories. Please read the category definitions and select the appropriate category. Note that the special event staff reviewing the application will make the final determination on the appropriate category for each vendor. There are a limited number of spaces available for each category.

      Commercial VENDOR

      • Chain retailers, regional/national corporations, and businesses.
      • This includes electricity/internet/phone service providers, informational, resale, chain retailers, providers, health care institutions, memberships/rewards clubs, travel agents, and other retail or service providers.


      • Any vendor serving open food or beverage requiring a permit under Irving Inspections.
      • This includes any, edible substances, ice or non-alcoholic beverages.

      ARTISAN vendor

      • This includes handmade or custom art, jewelry, clothing, accessories, décor, toys or similar items.


      • A group contributing to the community

      If you have questions about which category applies to you, please call (972) 721-2501 for assistance. Completing the vendor application does not guarantee acceptance into an event, or the requested events. Vendor selection will be at Irving's sole and absolute discretion. Irving will consider, among other factors, event theme/audience, and product quality/suitability/uniqueness.