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2019 Holiday Parade Entry Application

  1. Have you ever wanted to visit Santa's Workshop in the North Pole?

    Now is your chance to showcase Santa's Workshop in the North Pole and bring it to Irving, Texas. Create a parade entry that displays Santa's Workshop and what you might find in the North Pole or something you might see there. Make sure to use colorful decorations, play festive music, wear fun Christmas costumes or clothing and light the evening by decorating your float with Christmas lights. All entries should be fun and family-friendly.

    Please note that the City of Irving will feature the only Santa Claus in the parade and there will be no other Santa's allowed. All entries must have a signed parade waiver on file prior to the start of the parade.

    Entry forms are due no later than 5 p.m. on Wed., Nov. 27. The entire application must be completed before submitting it.

    Parade participants are required to attend a mandatory parade meeting Tues., Dec. 3 in the Council Chambers at Irving City Hall, 825 W. Irving Blvd.

  2. Will you have music as a part of your entry?*

  3. Would you like your entry to be judged?*

    There are four new categories to this year's holiday parade: Best Overall, Best Themed, Best Use of Lights, and Santa's Choice.

  4. Entry Classification*

    Check one that best describes your entry.

  5. Total length in feet needed for staging area. Make sure to include truck with trailer/float length or if you have multiple vehicles, what the total space needed. The length you enter will be the space given to you in the staging area.

  6. Please provide a one sentence summary about your parade entry to include group name.

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