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Spirited Youth Nomination Form

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  3. The Irving Spirited Youth Award seeks to recognize youth for excellence in community service and character. Character is a specific personality trait that demonstrates how a person treats others, how they handle themselves in various situations and what kind of morals they possess.

    Please answer the following questions regarding the nominee’s volunteer work and character. You may use additional pages if necessary.
  4. Thank you for taking the time to nominate one of Irving’s spirited youth!

    All applications submitted will be considered for the quarterly award. Award recipients will be notified by letter or email and will be announced biannually at City Council. The four quarterly winners will be invited to the presentation of the Spirited Youth of the Year award, which is announced at the annual Irving's Got Talent teen talent competition at the Irving Arts Center.

  5. To complete your nomination: please click the "submit" button at the bottom of the page.
  6. You may also mail, fax or deliver paper nomination forms to:

    Irving’s Spirited Youth Awards

    Lively Pointe Youth Center

    909 N. O’Connor Road

    Irving, Texas 75061

    F: 972-253-1328

  7. For additional information, please contact Lively Pointe Youth Center at 972-721-8090.
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